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From the 14th to  28th July 2013, Andrew and Brad motorcycled from London to the Arctic Circle and back as part of a group of BMW bikers (oh, and  KTM).

Leaving the UK on an overnight ferry to Denmark we rode through Denmark and caught another ferry across to Norway.  From there we headed up through Lillehammer to Mo i Rana, following a route near the Swedish border, and into the Arctic Circle.  We returned via the fjords and Bergen before using the same ferry routes to return to Denmark and then the UK.

We had a Spot GPS Tracker marking our route every 10 mins or so as we ride, but now we are back we have the actual route downloaded from the SatNav which is a lot more accurate.  Feel free to have a look through the route and over the next few days some photos and video of the trip should be appearing.

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