1 Jan, 2014

Reidyz Roundup 2013


What a year!  We finish 2013 at the opposite temperature spectrum to where we started.  We began the year in the French Alps, took a self-guided cycling holiday through the Medoc region outside Bordeaux, Andrew disappeared to Norway for 2 weeks motorcycling from London to the Arctic Circle and back, and then a happy and [...]

Reidyz Roundup 20132017-05-22T22:36:06+10:00
25 Apr, 2011

Easter in The Lake District


This weekend we headed up to Ambleside in the Lake District to get out of London and do some walking. Tim and I took the opportunity to ride up, leaving after work on Thursday to travel to Leicester, and then through the Peak District and up to Ambleside on the Friday. Tim had hired himself [...]

Easter in The Lake District2013-07-10T01:24:47+10:00
31 Mar, 2011

Wedding anniversary ride to Bath


Midweek holidays are definitely the way to go. And all the better making it a ride out! […]

Wedding anniversary ride to Bath2013-07-13T23:43:26+10:00
24 Feb, 2011

Afternoon at Freshwater Beach


Had a great afternoon at Freshwater Beach today. Met up with a couple of friends for a late swim and some dinner. Freshie had some good waves for a change and the Waboba even got a workout for some classic catches in the surf. Took the opportunity to test out the GoPro camera in the [...]

Afternoon at Freshwater Beach2017-05-22T22:36:06+10:00
30 Aug, 2010

Highlands of Scotland


Over 1400 miles in 6 days through Lakes, Lochs, Highlands, Moors and Peaks. It’s always exciting getting packed for an adventure, and for the next 6 days we will be atop the mighty bumblebeemer for a loop up the west coast of England into Scotland’s highlands and back down the east coast to London. London [...]

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31 May, 2010

Mont-Saint-Michel and back to London


Out of the blocks early again this morning to ride about 20 mins to Mont-Saint-Michel just on the Nomandy side of the Brittany border. The ride out of Ducey and through the surrounding fields is great and then you just see the abbey, enormous on the horizon on the other side of clear flat fields. [...]

Mont-Saint-Michel and back to London2012-11-21T22:21:45+11:00
30 May, 2010

Tapestry’s and the D-Day beaches


Great nights sleep in the village an we were up to a hearty breakfast before getting back on the road headed for Bayeux. First stop was the British war cemetery just outside town. Massive cemetery and within walking distance of the British war museum. We didn't go into the museum but we wandered around the [...]

Tapestry’s and the D-Day beaches2012-11-21T22:21:46+11:00
29 May, 2010

Ride to France?!


Today we started with an early 5:45am start in Portsmouth for the ferry to Le Havre, on the Normany coast of France. Stayed at the Portsmouh Travelodge which is the optimal place to stay for access to the ferry wharf. With the bike packed, a 45 second ride from the carpark had us handing over [...]

Ride to France?!2012-11-21T22:21:46+11:00
6 Apr, 2010

A day to relax


Today was just a day of relaxation. Sleeping through breakfast we knew we were off to a good start. Massages were our first and only planned activity for the day. An hour of oriental massage of Sasha and Swedish for me. It amazing how quick an hour goes when you are in a vegetative state. [...]

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5 Apr, 2010

Boat dive


Awesome! What, you want more? Fine. Today's we had an afternoon boat dive on a reef off a neighbouring island. We were quickly down to about 14m and the coral and aquatic life was excellent. It was my and Sasha's first time at a boat dive and it is definitely the way to go. No [...]

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4 Apr, 2010

Another day, another dive


Another great start to the day with a morning dive on the house reef. No theory today so it was just suit up (although no wet suit required for 30 degree water) and swim out off the beach. We went down to about 11m and swam around for about 50 mins. Around the reef in [...]

Another day, another dive2012-11-21T22:21:47+11:00
3 Apr, 2010

You like to SCUBA?


This morning we were up early (early in holiday speak) for a quick breakfast before SCUBA diving. Sasha had never done it before so we had booked ourselves in to a resort dive where yu can go with an instructor and don't need to have done the course. It was great! After a bit of [...]

You like to SCUBA?2017-05-22T22:36:06+10:00
2 Apr, 2010

Life on the island


Missed breakfast today and didn't everyone know about it. We rolled in to lunch to be met with "sleep in today?" and "you missed breakfast" by the staff in the restaurant. Not to mention they also seemed to know that we had been snorkeling yesterday. Coming from London they are bordering on stalker, but it's [...]

Life on the island2017-05-22T22:36:06+10:00
1 Apr, 2010

Doing it tough


Well here we are in the Maldives. Pretty hard to fault a place like this. So far we have done a bit of snorkeling and swimming but mainly just watched the world go by. During the day there are small fish in the shallows being herded by small sharks. Great to watch. And of an [...]

Doing it tough2017-05-22T22:36:06+10:00