This weekend we had a short break in Krakow with friends.

We had a great time touring around the city. It was just a weekend away so was plenty of brunching and city walks to be had. We spent the first day wandering the streets of Krakow, which has more of a town atmosphere than a city, and a great market square.

We've ridden further to Budapest Inspecting the cooking process
Town Hall tower CIMG0256

The highlight of the trip was a visit for Auschwitz and Birkenau. It was a very sombre trip where we saw the remains of many of the different sections of the camps. We would highly recommend getting on a guided tour, as we did, which gives you a lot more information about the sites than you would typically get in a guide book and walking around yourself. Below are just a couple of photos from the camps. The actual train lines (pictured below) were also used in the making for Schindlers list.

Main gate and administration building Veiw from above main gate

Our final day in the Krakow was spent on a cycling tour and just relaxing. We have done cycling tours in a few of the cities we have visited and it is a great way to get around, in a relatively short period of time, with expert information about the city, and getting some exercise. Great combination.

This was not exception. We had a great guide and walked away with a detailed understanding of how Krakow came to be what it is today. Additionally, we even managed to get some great recommendations for our remaining meals which took us out of the main areas, and into small restaurant with locals and some great food and drink.

One of the great photos of the trip (below) is of a couple of old friends tucking into an ice cream sundae, and in the background you can also see a lady relaxing with a nice cold beer… with a straw!

Andrew and Sasha at the end of the cycle tour Enjoying and icecream sundae (note the beer and straw in the background)

We highly recommend Krakow for a weekend or a long weekend away.