Missed breakfast today and didn’t everyone know about it. We rolled in to lunch to be met with “sleep in today?” and “you missed breakfast” by the staff in the restaurant. Not to mention they also seemed to know that we had been snorkeling yesterday. Coming from London they are bordering on stalker, but it’s only a small island so I guess everyone knows everyones business.

Today we also fired up the sounds of summer with some table tennis. It was also one of the safe outdoor activities for a red head in the heat of the day as it is under cover. Sasha started poorly by declaring her lack of ability when it came to a spin game. Needless to say there were a few easy pouts for me in a spin game, and Sasha caught a few points from the base line. We could have a tornament on here!

After that we hit up the day spa with a 15 min massage before heading back to the 28 degree water for a dip and some classic catches with the Waboba. Great gift by the way. Get yourself a Waboba for the surf. Beats a tennis ball any day.

Before tonights dinner we did a lap of the island. Well about 9 minutes lap once we finished the lap it was time to head to the bar. Yes, it’s a small island. Got to see the over water huts which looked great and also confirmed they we are on th good side of th island with less wind and better views. Everything isnjust working out great. Sasha did raise a concern that given our marriage has started so great it will just b a downhill slope from here. In fact her “pick me up” was to say we should come back some day so that we can look forward to something. Nice!!! Ha ha.

Also, just a word of warning, don’t have a drink called a “swimming pool”. Looks interesting, tastes bad. Very bad. There is a pic of it below so you know what to look out for. Sasha’s Bellini was a much better option.