This morning we were up early (early in holiday speak) for a quick breakfast before SCUBA diving. Sasha had never done it before so we had booked ourselves in to a resort dive where yu can go with an instructor and don’t need to have done the course. It was great! After a bit of to and fro in the shallows we went out to the reef at about 8-9 metres. Soooo many fish and sea creature. Unfortunately the iPhone wasn’t coming with me to take pics on that trip, but we had a disposable underwater film camera which I hope will have a few good snaps on it.

Sasha came out of the water all smiles and we ate now booked on anoher dive for tomorrow where we can do more diving and less talking as all the essential theory was done today.

This afternoon we were back at the spa. Introduced Sasha to reflexology with a 30 min session. Was a bit more up market than the walk in foot rub place in Hong Kong. We both got the foot treatment at the same time and even though my eyes were covered there was at least 1 time when Sasha must have flinched because she was asked if everything was ok. She was pretty quiet after that.

When I asked her at the end of the session how she found it, the first phrase to come out of her mouth was “for the love of god! That hurt!”. I could only laugh. Sounds like she might need another session to help her relax.

After a short stop in the bar we were off on our sunset cruise around the neighbouring island with a hope of seeing some dolphins. We were only about 5 mins in when dolphins were spotted just off the side of the boat. Pretty short sighting though and no more were found over the next hour. The cruise itself was fantastic though. It only gets down to about 27 degrees overnight so the breeze out on the ocean was great. And as we cruised around the sun went down over the horizon.

Unfortunately no photos to upload today as I can only do that from the iPhone and all my pics are on another camera. Will have to wait until we get home.

Another big day tomorrow, starting with our 2nd resort dive in the morning, and then maybe a siesta and some Waboba classic catches in the afternoon. Who knows, maybe some frisbee or table tennis could sneak in as well.