Today was just a day of relaxation. Sleeping through breakfast we knew we were off to a good start.

Massages were our first and only planned activity for the day. An hour of oriental massage of Sasha and Swedish for me. It amazing how quick an hour goes when you are in a vegetative state.

Even managed to get in a session of table tennis before lunch to which table tennis was the winner! A spin game came a close second.

After lunch it was time for Sasha to settle into a book in the sun and for the red-head in the family to seek refuge indoors and take in a movie.

Once the heat was gone from the sun we made the most of the snorkeling equipment we have rented. We headed out past the water breaks and over the house reef. Definitely not as good as diving but we still saw a couple of sting rays and loads and loads of colourful reef fisk swimming in and out of the coral.

After snorkeling we even managed to get in an hour or so of classic catches with the Waboba. About 55 mins more than Sasha was prepared for.

I am writing this from the bar about 4 margharitas in. Nothing says summer holiday like a frozen margharita! This is probably going to be it for the Maldive updates as we head back to London tomorrow morning. Keep a look out for a consolidated blog on this tropical island on GlobalTreka. We should have something there wihin a week of being back at home.

Here is a final view of an empty bar on the island.