What, you want more?

Fine. Today’s we had an afternoon boat dive on a reef off a neighbouring island. We were quickly down to about 14m and the coral and aquatic life was excellent.

It was my and Sasha’s first time at a boat dive and it is definitely the way to go. No struggling with gear through the shallows, and no swimming out to the reef just wasting air.

The dive was also full of highlights. First turtle sighting cleaning it’s shell under a ledge, and then to watch it swim away into the blue yonder was great. Later in the dive we saw another (yes another, not like the cow in Twister) turtle cruise on in to seek refuge on the reef.

Sasha also spotted a huge ray swimming below and in front of her. Not close enouh to cause any Erwin damage, but still an awesome sight.
he boat trip was about 20 mins from Komandoo and we enjoyed some cake and fresh coconut on the way back.

Not camera today, but a fellow diver had his digital camera with him so we will get some of those photos via email in about a week. Can’t wait.

Tonight we were off to the la-de-dah restaurant for a fine dining experience on our small island. And any man who lights a table candle with a blow torch deserves just one word… RESPECT!!! In fact it was a great meal all round. Sasha and I were the only ones there and we had a very nice table right on the water. The restaurant itself was attached to one of the piers on the island and was built over the water.

No diving tomorrow as we need a 24hr break before flying back to London.

Tomorrow will be just relaxation. Swimming and a massage for our final full day on Komandoo.