14 Aug, 2011

London to Frankfurt


Needed for a week in Germany means an opportunity for a great ride from London and Frankfurt and back. Leaving London for a Saturday afternoon chunnel crossing to Calais, and it couldn't have been easier. First time using the eurotunnel and it was great. Even arrived a bit early and was ushered straight onto the [...]

London to Frankfurt2014-10-21T13:35:53+11:00
30 Aug, 2010

Highlands of Scotland


Over 1400 miles in 6 days through Lakes, Lochs, Highlands, Moors and Peaks. It’s always exciting getting packed for an adventure, and for the next 6 days we will be atop the mighty bumblebeemer for a loop up the west coast of England into Scotland’s highlands and back down the east coast to London. London [...]

Highlands of Scotland2012-11-21T22:21:44+11:00
24 Jun, 2010

Wimbledon 2010


Today we were off to Wimbledon. After entering the ballot for tickets last year, we managed to get ourselves tickets to the Court 1. And what a great day it was turning out to be. The temperature was in “heat wave” territory for the UK at 27 degrees, and the sun was shining. The perfect [...]

Wimbledon 20102017-05-22T22:36:06+10:00
20 Jun, 2010

Sasha learns to ride


After almost 2 years of scooting around, Sasha has finally made the time to learn to ride a real bike. Over the weekend, she hired a manual Honda CGF125 and we headed out for some test rides. Hurdle number 1 was getting the bike to a location suitable to learn (read: crash) which meant I [...]

Sasha learns to ride2017-05-22T22:36:06+10:00
21 Jun, 2009

London to Brighton Bike Ride 2009


This year we did the London to Bright Bike Ride raising money for the British Heart Foundation. It was a great 54 mile ride with some moderate, and one devastating, uphills and long downhills to get up some speed. It started in Clapham Common which is very near our house and the first 20 miles [...]

London to Brighton Bike Ride 20092017-05-22T22:36:06+10:00
4 May, 2009

London to Oxford ride


Over the long weekend we rode from home in London to Oxford. The map said it was 99 miles and we were going to tackle it in 2 days.After a bit more of a sleep in they we had planned (you can’t rush these things) we headed off about 10am Saturday morning. Today was going [...]

London to Oxford ride2017-05-22T22:36:06+10:00
15 Mar, 2009

Ride into Kent


After passing my motorbike test at the beginning of March it was time to hire a bike and head out of London to explore the countryside.So I hired a red BMW F650GS (actually 800cc - go figure) and Sasha and I spent a day out on the bike.The day started with brunch at the Windmill [...]

Ride into Kent2013-07-11T00:23:11+10:00