Another great start to the day with a morning dive on the house reef. No theory today so it was just suit up (although no wet suit required for 30 degree water) and swim out off the beach.

We went down to about 11m and swam around for about 50 mins. Around the reef in about 6-8m of water is where all the brightly coloured fish are, so here’s hoping the photos on the disposable work out ok. Highlight of the dive was seeing a big Eagle Ray swim in towards us from open water. Looked to have a wing span of about 2m. It didn’t get very close before changing direction to swim in front of us.

With only a few days left at Komandoo we have booked ourselves in for a 3rd and final dive tomorrow. This time a boat dive. We only have a few shots left on the disposable so maybe hiring an underwater digital camera for the dive will be the go.

Before lunch it was some classic catches again, and this time I thought I would introduce the locals and guests to Australia one pair of boardshorts at a time. Photo attached below for your amusement.

The afternoon was all relaxation with some more swimming. There was also a feeding frenzy right in front of us by the local sharks and larger fish. There were fish everywhere and great to watch.

While we were swimming a pod of about 6 dolphins swam down the coast of the island just off the reef. Everyone was out with there cameras and camcorders. We just bobbed in the water watching them go by. Too good!